Visit Laby­ss at Tai Kwun (Hong Kong) from April 12th 2024


Why Laby­ss?

Digi­tal memory loss is on the rise: more and more of us are increa­sing­ly leaving the task of remem­be­ring to our pho­nes and com­pu­ters. Ini­ti­al­ly, it affects short-term memory: we can no lon­ger remem­ber our appo­int­ments, pho­ne num­bers, etc. wit­hout the help of tech­no­lo­gy. In the lon­ger term, memory loss will spre­ad to our deep memory: our chil­dren and grand­chil­dren will be far more like­ly than us to expe­ri­en­ce not being able to remem­ber even their own childhood.

At Laby­ss, we uti­li­se the latest arti­fi­ci­al intel­li­gen­ce tech­no­lo­gies to revi­ve and sto­re your memo­ri­es. This way, you’ll be able to enter your old age with your memo­ri­es well preserved.

Who we are?

Laby­ss is a fictio­nal startup that offers an algo­rit­h­mic help to pre­ser­ve the most fragi­le thin­gs we have: Our memories.

Laby­ss is cre­a­ted by The Algo­rit­h­mic The­a­tre, an inter­di­sci­pli­nairy wor­kg group and research col­lecti­ve, look­ing into how algo­rit­h­mic tech­no­lo­gies affect and sha­pe our lives.